Privacy policy


The use of electronic services provided for in this agreement shall be subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein below;

Password Specifications and Restrictions

– The Minimum password is 8 letters and numbers, and the maximum is 20.

– A password must be composed of uppercase, lowercase letters as well as special characters.

– The same character/letter should not be repeated 3 times and should not be successive such as (111 or aaa).

– A password should not contain any spaces.

– A password and a username should not be the same.

– The last 5 passwords should not be reused.

  1. The bank won’t be liable for any losses resulting from sharing client’s credentials with a third part.
  2. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that he/she alone bears the full liability for the correctness and accuracy of the information and instructions, including payment instructions given through the Bank\& Application for electronic banking services i.e. “Warba Bank’s Application.”
  3. The customer authorizes the Bank to act in accordance with the instructions it receives from the customer for the service on the customer’s responsibility. Further, the customer agrees to indemnify the Bank for all actual losses which the Bank may incur as a result of those instructions.
  4. The Bank has the right to refuse to perform and enforce any instructions provided by the customer without giving any justification, for example if transactions are not compliant with applicable laws, Sharia legitimate transactions, anti-money laundering instructions or CBK instructions etc.… applicable in the State of Kuwait. The Bank does not assume any responsibility, whatsoever, in the event of failure to perform and carry out any instructions from the customer due to technical problems.
  5. The Bank may, at its absolute discretion, amend or change any of the terms and conditions, including the limits on transfers at any time without need to get the consent of the customer. Such new terms and conditions shall become in force after 7 days of customer receipt of a notification from the Bank of the said amendments. If the customer must accept the amendments in the terms and conditions in order to be able to use the services provided by Warba Bank
  6. Financial transfers are: (transfers between personal accounts / transfers to other accounts at the Bank / transfers between local banks / foreign transfers).
  7. Transfers made during business hours before 11:30 will be performed on the same day. Transactions made after the official working hours or during the bank weekend and public holidays will be performed on the next business day, except for transfers between personal accounts or other accounts in Warba Bank which will be performed on the same day.
  8. The customer agrees and undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the username and credentials for electronic services ” Warba Bank’s Application,” both issued by the Bank or customer created.
  9. Customer agrees that he/she alone shall bear the full responsibility for any actual loss or harm as a result of misuse of the personal number of the ATM card or any other card and the PIN created by the customer himself or by any other user whether authorized or not authorized to do so. Accordingly, the Bank will not be responsible for any unauthorized or fraudulent attempt to use the personal number and PIN for the ATM card or any other card.
  10. The customer acknowledges and agrees that once he accepts the terms and conditions of the electronic banking services, when logging onto the Warba Bank’s Application for banking service, the customer is deemed to have reviewed, read and agreed on the terms and conditions for services or required transaction and the customer also agrees to comply and act in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  11. The Bank may terminate this Agreement at any time by notification to the customer in the way the Bank deems appropriate for the agreement without giving any reasons for termination and without incurring any liabilities as a result of such termination.
  12. This agreement shall be governed and regulated by the laws of the State of Kuwait. Each and all terms and conditions will be subject to the competent jurisdiction of Kuwait courts without prejudice to the provisions of Islamic Sharia.
  13. In the event of any conflict between the Foreign Languages and the Arabic texts, the Arabic version shall prevail and used as reference.
  14. The fees on transactions made by using the Warba Bank’s Application shall be calculated in accordance with the approved tariff list at the Bank. The Customer agrees to debit all charges on his account at the Bank. The Bank may adjust and change these fees after announcement through whatever means it deems appropriate.
  15. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights on this Warba Bank’s Application are the exclusive property of the Bank, including but not limited to all design, text, audio recordings, images, or communications, except as expressly stated. Therefore, these may not be copied , moved, published , performed or announced, retrieved, applied or distributed, displayed, licensed, changed or linked through the Internet, or otherwise used in whole or in part in any way whatsoever without the prior written consent of the Bank.
  16. The customer shall maintain the confidentiality of his banking information, which enables him to log onto the Warba Bank’s Application through the Internet to prevent unauthorized access. We advise the customer to keep this information in a safe place as a precautionary measure. This is without the least liability on the Bank.
  17. The Customer shall immediately inform the Bank’s Call Center on the loss of his information or when such information is used by an unauthorized user. The Bank reserves the right to block access to Warba Bank’s Application, to maintain the security of the Bank’s Application and other bank systems in the event the Bank doubts access to or use of customer information by an unauthorized person.


Customer information

We draw the attention to the fact that the information sent over the Internet are vulnerable to interception, intrusion or surveillance. Thus, the customer declares his knowledge of this risk and therefore accepts the risks of online information exchange. Without prejudice to any provision of this Agreement, the Bank does not assume any liability for any loss of whatever nature arising from or in connection with exchanging information. However, the Bank provides encryption technology and takes other procedures that are appropriate and necessary to ensure adequate protection of information provided or received by the Bank over the Internet.

All provided information and data are the exclusive property of the Bank. The Bank may use this information, ideas, concepts, expertise or technology for any purpose, as it deems appropriate.


General Terms of Use

  1. The customer agrees, accepts and acknowledges that the first use of the service by any user constitutes acceptance by the customer and unconditional agreement binding to both parties under these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The Bank shall not be liable for any financial obligation, including but not limited to, the cost of loss or damages or immediate refund arising from failure of beneficiary correct identification or non-settlement of a payment because of any loss, theft or disorganizing the subscription, error, omission, damage or distortion.
  3. The Bank has the right to reject any application and any instructions via the Internet and may not continue to provide the service wholly or partially, without giving any reasons.
  4. The Bank shall not assume any responsibility in case any of its agents fails to meet the value date because of time constraints, different timings of the regions, local holidays or any other reason whatsoever.
  5. The Bank may reject or cancel any transaction if such transaction is incomplete or not matching, incorrect or inconsistent with any applicable legal regulation or due to not updating customer data with the Bank
  6. Money transfer requests received before the end of the banking day shall be issued on the same day. The available balance in the account should be sufficient to cover transaction at maturity date. The Bank is not obliged to notify the customer in case the Bank is able to execute the transaction because of insufficient balance in the account.
  7. The customer agrees on the various means of communication such as notices and other electronic information including but not limited to any notices or promotional information to the contact details provided by the customer to the Bank. The Bank shall rely on this contact information and consider messages sent to this address as correctly received until the customer provides any new address.
  8. The bank shall give customers access to the banking services without prejudice to the Bank’s application policies and procedures for avoiding loss or damage that may arise as a result of the use of this service.

The Bank may, at its own discretion, take advantage of one or more external service provider, agent / agents in accordance with these terms and conditions as necessary for its products / services.

The Bank’s obligations to the Customer:

  1. Provides a website in accordance with the latest regulations and local standards.
  2. Ensures the integrity and confidentiality of your instructions and transactions on the Internet.
  3. Exchanges information on your behalf. You are not expected or required to inquire about the authorities or powers of the persons in charge.
  4. Implements your instructions received via the Warba Bank’s Application in accordance with the normal Bank policies and procedures.


Responsibility for guarantees

The customer expressly agrees to use the site and take the risks resulting from the use of the Internet. This site shall be provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

– Except as mentioned above, the Bank does not assume any responsibility for any kind of guarantees, either express or implied or statutory, including, implied warranties of merchantability or appropriateness for a particular purpose or data accuracy and completeness or any guarantees associated with the violation of online banking service.

– The Bank does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the site and banking services over the Internet, “Warba Bank’s Application”, and does not guarantee timely access or safe access or error – free access. Further, the Bank does not offer any guarantees on the results that can be obtained from the site, or any other intermediary, in respect of the accuracy or reliability of the Internet banking service.

– The Bank does not assume any responsibility for any electronic virus attacks that may infect the user applications system as a result of using the online banking service. The Bank does not guarantee to the user or any other third party that the Internet Banking service “Warba Online” is viruses free.

Limitation of Liability

Except as stated in this Agreement or as provided under law, the Bank does not assume any responsibility for any injuries or damage, whether direct or indirect, special or sequential resulting from the banking services over the Internet, “Warba online” or any use of the service, or that may arise due to installing , running, uninstalling or maintaining the customer application own computers software.

Enforcement of the Agreement Terms

The terms and conditions of this agreement shall be effective from the date of approval via the website or through other Bank channels.


The customer under this Agreement may not transfer or assign the rights or obligations arising therefrom.


I undertake that I have read and understood the terms and conditions hereinabove and agree to comply with these conditions being a binding contract whose conditions to be complied and enforced.